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As a medical cannabis patient you’ve likely caught the terms “indica,” “sativa,” or “hybrid.” Patients often bargain themselves speculating what these terms mean, what the variances are between them and how they work from a medical standpoint.

Formerly, there were two main types of cannabis plants known as “cannabis indica” and “cannabis sativa”.  After peers of hybridizing it is rare to treasure a pure indica or pure sativa strain. In its place, most strains of cannabis are now indica main, sativa dominant or hybrid strains. As probable, different plant heredities may lead to different medical effects.

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Medical Marijuana Online

Medicinal Marijuana can be effortlessly available on numerous authorized websites today, but people frequently get to the wrong gateways. Several others claiming to sell legal cannabis have been rip-offs. There is an option of being arrested for buying marijuana online USA due to federal law, even in states that have legalized marijuana, particularly if you do not have accurate licensing, rendering to state laws.

What are Hybrid or Indica Strains?

A hybrid strain is a cannabis plant that is a mixture between an indica and a sativa plant. There are very rare cannabis strains that are of true indica or true sativa selection. In its place most strains of cannabis are hybrid or indica strains of the two. Within this subsection there can be indica dominant, and sativa dominant strains. There are likewise hybrid strains that are a comparatively even indica/sativa divided.